Thursday, December 06, 2007


I was discussing with a friend the other day about how there is a subculture in Christianity.  This new culture is very aware of what's going on in the society in which they live.  They are concerned about the environment.  This doesn't mean the subscribe to the thoughts about global warming.  They just simply feel like it is their responsibility to take care of that which God gave to them.  I think it is interesting that God used the pandering about global warming to wake up a culture of people to take care of things that can be taken care of.  This doesn't mean we always recycle, always eat organic, hug trees, think creation is more important than The Creator.  Truthfully this is our world handed to us by The Creator, and it is our responsibility to do the right thing.  

This culture is more than thanking about the environment, but they are also concerned about the political nature of the world.  They are ever increasingly separating themselves from political parties; while asking hard questions to candidates on each side.  They didn't do this because they don't think Iraq is going in the right direction, or that they were lied to as to the reason that we are even in Iraq; they are just decided that this country is worth fighting for.  That EVER life is worth saving, and humanity needed them.  

This culture fights for all human life.  They see people in need and they are spurred to action.  When they see injustice they fight for it, and fight hard.  Not breaking any of the rules, and being peaceful, with one voice.  This means when they see children in Africa shattered by AIDS, homeless and hungry in their communities, unborn children who's right are subject to being violated, people having to chose between food or medicine, and elderly having their freedoms removed; they will take the actions necessary whatever they might be....barring murder, stealing....and any other despicable unrighteous behavior to see it the policy change.

It's funny to watch this.  It offends their families, who, for lack of a better analogy, drank the kool-aid,   and didn't look for the truth.  It doesn't mean their family is wrong or the culture is right, but the truth is, the sub-culture has realized the importance of being in the culture and influencing it.  

Cultural relevancy is not a new term in the Christian circles, but I am not sure it has ever happened until now.     I am not sure the culture has always been wrong, but it just that Christians have been scared to be in the culture of America and help either turn it or keep it from turning.  It is so interesting.  It is just a thought and some observations that I have noticed over the past few years or so.  

Vaya Con Dios