Monday, January 28, 2008

God HELP Us!

Watch with care!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

sow, sow, sow Misunderstood

I was thinking about the concept in the Bible of reaping and sowing.  Now, for me this is a very simple concept.  I live in rural Texas, where if there is an open field it's plowed and planted with a crop.  But there is a place in the Word that specifically talks about this concept, and its stated very easily and plain, so that everyone can understand God's thoughts on the idea and concept.  
Galatians 6:7-9
"Do not be deceived,  God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows."
Interesting that it says don't be fooled.  I guess that's God's way of pointing out this concept has the ability to deceive.  Then it says God can't be mocked.  So I guess that means that if you don't believe or follow the message that is coming next you are making a mockery of God.  Then plain as day....what a man sow he reaps.  VERY PLAIN!  I like that God gave us a the flags to point out this really needs our attention.  He is drawing us in and letting us know how important this philosophy is; and He is drawing attention because maybe it holds an important concept or idea that we need in our foundation.  I am not sure why He flags this for us, I only know He is placing a bet.  He is betting us at the expense of His mockery, that we will reap what we sow.  I don't know if you know this, but God always wins His bets, and He never asks us questions because of His lack of knowledge.  

WE will REAP what WE sow, and I don't think He is just wheat, barley, maize, and bananas.  I think He means in every area in our lives.  I find it extremely sad when I hear, I am a good person, that's how I am getting into heaven.......They are sowing their lives to be good people but in the end....they get hell.  They were deceived.  God has me revisit this concept when He gets jealous of my time spent on things that don't glorify Him, or when there is a disconnect in our relationship!  it's just like Him to bring that gentle reminder in my life.  As I start to value sleep more than I depend on Him to give me energy, He reminds me.....So gentle..."Broc stop sowing in your bed."  "As  a door turns on it's hinges, so does the sluggard on his bed."  When I start to value my friends thoughts, opinions, and judgments above how highly I regards God's, He just speaks to my heart...."Broc, the time you spend entertaining deception, you will deceive yourself."  I love those rebukes!  I know that sounds about like it's impossible to love correction, but I think that comes with the seasoning God brings to us.  

So, I sow
I sow generously.....and I in the end...know according to the Bible I will reap even more than I sowed.  Isn't that what plating is all about.....INVESTMENT!  The farmer doesn't get back seed for seed.  He gets multiple seeds for one seed.  I think that's important.  We have to get our minds around the fact that when we are sowing....and it's not just money.  It's time, patience, understanding, wisdom, love, happiness......etc.  But when we's tiny compared to what we reap.  Now, this is good and bad news.  Good because, getting love back is awesome....and patience, and understanding......BUT....gossip, laziness, and such are not at all fun.  Not even a little bit.  We learn everywhere we go....when we sow the things that aren't out of a heart of goodness, we reap the things that are not good.   There is this belief that travels around Christian circles, that we should give and not expect anything in return.  As if investing in the kingdom of God isn't a good investment.  Now, my heart is not giving to receive, but to know that I am going to be taken care of.  Saying sow into God without wanting a just like a farmer throwing seed and saying....well, if God wills it will yield a crop.  No, that's crazy and silly to think that way!  

Just some thoughts

Vaya Con Dios


Friday, January 11, 2008


I love it, and am making it right now!  I love the way it tastes and how good it is for you!'s from Jesus!