Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wow!!!!!!! We is that!

So people say you never know the kindness of strangers....that is so true!!! I never thought our work with Ruby Tequila's would pay off as it is! I love it. Cory and Mark are so nice, and they are really with us in this fight against these neuromuscular diseases! Man, who knew. They are doing so much for us, and they love us. I am so happy to have them on board! Well, that is all for today!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What I think about you

Well, I have met many different types of people. That is funny to me. I have had the opportunity, in my career, to meet people that make a difference in my life and the lives of others. People who really make a difference, and not just monetarily, and in ways that seem by most to be minuscule. I honestly believe everyone has their place in this world. It is funny how we see people on television and we want to be them, or we envy them because they are in the public. The truth is, if you are where you are suppose to be, that is all God requires of us. The person who is suppose to teach 1st grade Sunday School, and faithfully does it, is better off than that person who stands in front of thousands and is actually called to be a entrepreneur. It seems like we get all caught up about being in front of the largest audience, when we are not capable of handling that or being able to keep up. There is, in my opinion, nothing more sad than a square peg trying to be round. I mean it is like David right before he goes to kill Goliath, he is offered others armor. It is too big...Of course it was, it wasn't his. Had he continued in the wrong armor, the armor would have just gotten in the way and possibly could have cost him his life. I think that is the best piece of advice I have ever gotten. BE yourself, if you are called to be a manager at MC Donald's, be a millionaire, be a school teacher, be a M.D, be a Veterinarian, be a construction worker, do it....and do it with excellence!

I must admit I get caught up in that superficial, hollywoodian, who has what mentality. I am getting comfortable be who I am! Sometimes, I find myself wanting what others have. I am not a 100% sure how you get over that. I know it has something to do on how well you know who you are in Christ. Once you know who you are in Him, then there really is nothing that can get get you down and out. I think it is interesting that while people think they know who they are, they know nothing of why they were created, and to me that is the most important questions to answered!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Jesus Is Funny

I come to that conclusion because I am funny. If I am made in His image, then it only stands to reason that He is funny. I like Jesus, actually, I love. He is so funny, though, let me break it down. He inventing the duck-billed platypus....have you ever seen pictures of it, it is very funny. He also invented Shih Tzu's a very funny looking dog. I think He wanted us to laugh so much that He even invented Toupees.
He so loves us and isn't part of love laughter. Isn't more fun to laugh with your family than to laugh with strangers? I love when my family is together because I am guaranteed a six pack from laughing (if you have seen me lately then you know I have not been around my family.....I am a registered fatty). My granddad has this deep belly laugh followed by the occasional snort, which sends me into an even deeper realm of laughing. I think laughing is a remedy to what ales a lot of the folks on the earth. I think we should bottle it and prescribe it to those around us.
Have you ever studied people's laughs? I love to when someone is just out and out laughing, It makes my day, and I can't help but crack a smile. I am fairly sure but have no research to back it up, that laughter is addicted. I mean I have been in some pretty rotten moods and someone around me laugh uncontrollably, and I find myself letting go of what is keeping my joy hostage, and screaming out a laugh, so good and deep in my spirit that I completely forget that I, two minutes ago, had some sort of sorrow.
Now, joy and laughter are two different things. Joy is an inner peace that is always with you through thick and thin. Much like a true friend, you have had joy in anything, it is like the love of God, unconditional. Happy is part of joy but happy depends on an emotion to be present. You need happiness, but sometimes happiness is not always available. Like going to Starbucks and finding the are out of blueberry scones....EEK! Joy is what motivates you to love, live, laugh, and have your being. Also, Joy is given by God, if you don't know Him then you have a counterfeit Joy. The counterfeit is not worthy of even being called "joy",; we should come up with some other word, like "foy" or "fake joy". I know that may sound silly, but it is the truth.
So, next time you find yourself flopped over the backside of a chair uncontrollably laughing, and while those tears are falling from your eyes, because the ecstasy of the moment is too much for your emotions and will to take in....examine the situation, is it joy or happiness........

Peace, blessings, and of course Vaya Con Dios!