Friday, August 07, 2015

It's not about downtown

If you live in Amarillo, it's been quite a show at the City Council lately.  I mean, it's like watching the Real Housewives of Amarillo.  The cat fights, backbiting, name-calling, pandering, and puppetry has just gotten ridiculous.

The storm started as the plans for the catalyst projects to create a place to go and things to do in Amarillo.  Everything was going great, it's been over 10 years of planning until the news of a ballpark was unveiled.  Actually, it's being called an MPEV (Multi-Purpose Event Venue).  It is so needed in our community.  The critics claim it's just a ballpark... It's more.  The other two projects are a convention hotel and a parking garage.  The convention hotel is a much-needed space.  There is no facility in Amarillo to have a large (200+ people) convention. There is also nothing for them to do, in the off chance that someone wants to host a large convention with crazy transportation requirements, once they get here.  It has all just been a big mess, and very divisive,

Both sides of the issue point to other with accusations of being owned by donors and those that stand to make money on the downtown development.  Personally, I think the new councilmen are owned.  And I will tell you why.

What I am about to say might sound a little conspiracy theory-esque, but please know I do not subscribe that way of thinking.

But, mark these words:  I just observed some things, heard some things, and see who the puppeteers are and what their goals are.

(1) The MPEV is a vehicle to a large goal.  The goals are to stir up division and strife within the citizens of Amarillo.  ( I think it's safe to say that's working.  I have never seen people in Amarillo be so mean to each other)

(2) Perpetuate the strife.  You will see the strife and divisiveness continue.  Downtown revitalization is the vehicle.

(3) A new leader will be platformed.  One of the newly elected city officials will become the new mega-star and will run in the next mayoral election.  I bet you can guess who.  Watch and see how 2 of the new councilmen are creating antics while the other has public decorum (at least publically).  Research who was new candidate's campaign staff.

(4) Councilman becomes mayor.  This is where the plan is a gamble.  But if they platform and discontentment grows this is the next step.

(5) The push for single-member districts.  This is the final goal. I am sure you are asking why?  How does this benefit them?  It doesn't if you look at it with rationale.  Progress is never made or wielded when you divide the power.  Look at Congress.  The people that want single-member districts are behind the new councilmen. The main reason is power.  Never underestimate the power of bitter loser.

Yes it's a big plan, and yes I could be wrong, but look into this stuff.  

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