Monday, July 06, 2009

Nicaragua Changed my life!

I have got to get this out of my system!
I went to Nicaragua. I had a blast; it was so surreal. Let me tell you a few things about that country. First and foremost the government is run by a socialist named Daniel Ortega ( He has his face plastered everywhere. He's on billboards, painted on walls, on the news, and everywhere you could think of. Yes, it seems as if he is trying to convince someone he is awesome.
He is a member of the sandinista party. ( Through public speeches and from several public policies it's easy to see that Ortega hates America. He has even made negative comments about to seemingly "untouchable" Barack Obama. the FSLN, as the party is reffered to is corrupt. Ortega claims to be changed and to be a man of God. Funny, he says he is helping the homeless, and the truth is, he built apartments for the homeless and let his cronies move into them. He is not helping the enormous orphan problem. In fact, all he is doing is pushing his liberal agend
a to the masses. He is corrupt and MUST be stopped!

The second issue is the majority of the citizens of the country live in dire poverty. If it weren't for the mass Christian missionaries feeding, clothing, and care for the medical needs of the people there would be massive deaths. While is was there, we went to the dump ground. There is a whole system of living that goes on inside the dump ground. Kids, cattle, men, women, dogs, and vultures are all digging through the same trash piles. The humans are looking for food to eat and plastic and metal to turn in for money. Parents make their kids beg, and dig through the trash all day. Many of the parents don't work but rather stay at home all day and consume drugs. It's a sad to see little boys and girl
s without clothes, or shoes digging through the trash. Many of the children are forced into prostitution by their parents to ensure they get first pick through the trash that each truck brings into the ground. That means little 5-12 year old girls are prostituting to the men who drive the trash trucks. It's simply impossible for my mind to wrap around that, until I saw it. Can you imagine being so desperate that you gave yourself up for trash? It's a travesty!

Thirdly, the country is a BEAUTIFUL! It's surrou
nding is lush vegetation and think rain-forests. They have many exotic fruits and of course I LOVE the coffee! So, if you see something is made in Nicaragua....BUY! If you like coffee buy the Cafe Don Paco, you are helping!
If you are interested let me know and I will let you know where you can get it!

BUT mostly the country needs your prayers, so please do!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have to admit, part of my heart was left in Mexico.  I just couldn't help but fall in love with a people so hungry for what God was doing.  They weren't just hungry for God, but many of them where hungry in their stomachs for something, anything.  They live on, tortillas, beans, and rice.... they scrape the bottom of the barrel for one last morsel.  It's safe, unless you drink the water.  There are no thugs ripping purses off of old ladies.  There are no gangs of men holding up missionaries.  It's safe, and those people need us.  They need our help.  The world has forgotten them, and left them to die.  They suffer from a lack of hope.  We can provide it.  Think about all the waste we produce, and the consumerism that has taken a hold of us, think about knowing where your next meal is coming from, and then think about how a few moments of help can change the plan of a community.  Help Amarillo, Help Juarez.... JUST HELP!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

alphabet soup.....

Words.  They're what I am lacking today.  I have no idea where they are or why they went away.  All I know is they have abandoned me in my time of need.  What a persnickety predicament to have to procure a problem in.  It’s an unpleasantly terrible thing to lose words.  I checked under my bed, and all I found was crusty old bagel, poppy seed to be exact.  I looked in the coat closet but all I found were some dreadfully smelly mothballs.  I opened the fridge in hopes that last night’s lack luster leftovers would hold a clue to the departed vocabulary.  Much to my surprise the less than salvageable lentil soup was chocked completely to the brim of all the letters I use.  Then I realized after vociferous cheers that I had accidentally added alphabet soup to my lentil lexicon.     

Friday, January 30, 2009

I am not angry

I am not angry
I am not mad
I am not crazy
I am not hypnotized
I am not glad
I am not you
I am not upset
I am not ticked
I am not wondering
I am not sick
I am not racist
I am not lazy
I am not winning
I am not losing
I am not stagnant
I am not without
I am not full
I am not empty
I am not scared
I am not upset
I am not waiting
I am not impatient
I am not divisive
I am not crude
I am not pure
I am not shell-shocked
I am not persuaded by great speeches
I am 
I am ambitious
I am full of hope
I am disappointed
I am thinking 
I am taking life one day at a time
I am 
I am one who voted
I am one small voice
I am disapproving 
I am anti abortion
I am shocked by the speed
I am having a hard time accepting the shift
I am holding out hope
I am convinced through elegant words
I am wanting more than a facade
I am thinking
I am prepared
I am trying to get perspective
I am willing to listen
I am happy to oblige
I am greatly appreciative
I am looking for the positives
I am sure there are reasons
I am laughing at irony
I am hoping people will think
I am thinking, surely other see
I am positive it's not an accident
I am loving them
I am sure love wins

I am me and I am expressing what I see.