Thursday, April 10, 2008


I think there are just a few times in our lives when we can look back and think, "wow that really determined the direction my life took."  It's even more amazing to see it happen right in front of you.  
I can't believe it, but God is using my mouth...which I love, but never thought would happen.  I recently was able to take a retreat with the 5th and 6th graders whom I work with every week.  Along with a slew of other people, and was blessed every minute of the trip.  The pastor of the 5th and 6th graders approached me and asked if I could be the one who taught the lessons and activate the kids in the things we were to discuss.  I have to say I NEVER saw that coming, and in fact I felt a little overwhelmed with it.  I turned back to say no, I don't think I am interested in that, and just then something rose up inside of me and said: "Sure, I would love to."  I was a little puzzled by my reaction after the inner monologue that just transpired! I actually heard myself say yes.  Then the dread of the impending day hit me like a hail stones hit the ground break into a million little pieces of ice.  The weight of it all was a little bit more than I have ever felt.  BUT I knew, even if I couldn't see right in front of me, God was all over it, and actually I knew He was the one who called this into being. 
I just started to pray and really get a vision for what He wanted me to say.  It is such a nice place to be.... absolutely dependent.  If this doesn't seem like it would, trust me, when you know you can't do it without Him; you will understand.  
Anyway, the retreat was awesome, and some of the kids have gone home and changed their parents views on some things.  The kids have changed their families, and I am amazing at the ripple from a meeting and how awesome God is......humbled absolutely humbled....God is good...indeed


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