Friday, July 28, 2006

Huh, A Success Story.....huh I never saw that coming

So I have run into a lot of people from my BC days. I think it is so funny when I tell them I am into God and am a Christian.... I mean if you knew me before I was saved, then you know what I am talking about. I was not nice, didn't care, and acted like I knew everything. I mocked God and acted like I was a god. Thinking about that time in my life is crazy...I have changed so much. Then there are those areas that are still the same...EEK I am definitely a work is progress and will be until I die. That is what I like about Christianity....God doesn't expect us to be perfect... He knows we are going to blow it sometimes....He is so gracious to forgive and importantly, forgets.

Then I run it people who think it is crazy to be a Christian and think that all it means is you can't do anything. That is silly, God doesn't require you to drop everything and BE A perfect person....because that is never going to happen. When you become a Christian, at least for me, let things that you did before you were saved was easy because now my focus changed, and my intentions and thoughts were different. Actually, my desires in life were different.

-just some thoughts to ponder

-be Diligent


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