Monday, March 19, 2007

5th graders are good teachers

As I was preparing to give a message to the 5th and 6th graders, I had some revelations. Here they are. The message was on "Jesus is my Healer." It love healing, and I believe Jesus left this gift in with us...through Holy Spirit. If you don't believe that.....stop reading this blog....I don't have time to explain it if you won't listen. There is a scripture in the Bible says: "by His stripes you WERE healed." (emphasis added). I remember my first week of being a Christian...I got sick. Someone said...the stripes comment. Well, that is all they said and it didn't make sense to me, I knew Jesus wasn't a zebra. As I dug a little deeper I realized it was at the Crucifixion. His back was wiped wildly with the cat of nine tails. It is an awful torture instrument that has claws on the end which dig in the skin of it victims and rips muscle, skins, and can even ruin bones. It is a horrible little instrument, that Christ endured so that we could walk in health. I love that, even though Jesus' back was probably less stripes and more just sheer muscles and blood. You can't endure 39 whips of this device and have skin left on your back. This bloody bludgeoned soul who was absolutely the most perfect person to ever walk this earth....and the healthiest, took all that so that I could obtain healing anytime a situation arises. What I love about the above scripture is the word WERE! Just as tomorrow, if I sin, I it is already forgiven because of Christ work on The Cross. That word WERE, means that if I am ill today or tomorrow, it has already been healed. I love that. In Jesus, we have a healer. We have got to get this, or who else will. I mean, I think every generation has missed it.....we cannot. We must take this and run with it, and go forth. Cheerio!

Be Blessed


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