Monday, March 26, 2007

I am horrible

It is true...I am a horrible friend, son, person. I am not fishing for you to say: "No you aren't." The truth is...I am. I am mean, cruel, rude, and at times useless. I have to say that if, and I am sure that is more like when, I was rude to you...I am sorry. When you aren't in your right mind...and when you haven't been around Christ enough, that is what happens. Bitter roots bring nothing but bitterness. That is the lesson I am learning. My good friend pointed out that my mouth is like the mouth of a sailor...I am ashamed. I am praying, and I am getting the cloak of heaviness off...and I am putting on a garment of praise. If you wouldn't mind...I would covet your prayers. How dare I cast stones! My what a praise session can do for you. God bless all you....sorry for the pain...know that HURT people HURT people!

Vaya Con Dios


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