Wednesday, August 01, 2007

When you have nothing left

I just got back into town from my churches Kid's Camp. It was 5 days of the most fun I have ever had. Most of the people that read this blog know I work with the 5th and 6th graders at my church. I loved it. This year marked my 6th camp that I have been to with my church. This one year I had more responsibility than I ever had. It was crazy, and the last day I was so exhausted. I can't believe that I did what I did. This camp was such a different experience, because I am so invested in the ministry. I saw some of the kids i teach do thing I never thougth they would. I saw them do things I didn't know they could. I got a little choked up on the last night, after i realized this would be one of the last times I would see the 6th graders. They will move up to the youth in a couple of weeks. It is tough to say goodbye to the kids I have held near and dear to my heart. They are the best, smartest, brightest, funniest, and absolutely unbelievable. I have never been so challenged in my faith by anyone ever. They make me seek out God even further. They have wisdom I wished I had at their age.

It is funny how you think you are tapped out, God gives you the strength to go the next mile. I am so suprised at what God had me be apart of. It is crazy. I sat down last night about 5:30 and fell asleep immediately and woke up at 11 am. I never sleep that long....I was so tired.

I went to Wal-Mart today, and saw one of the kids that was at camp and they came up and screamed their cheer at me! Oh, it was amazing.....God is good. I am pretty much is time to get to bed!

Vaya con dios


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