Sunday, September 30, 2007


So, I had this crazy conversation with a friend today. She is hysterically funny, and I absolutely think she is crazy!!! We were at work and she and I were discussing church, she doesn't go to the church I attend, and in fact she completely disagrees with my church.

I sat and listened to her, and she told why she had such distain for my church home. The problem centered on the new church we are building. She said it hurt her heart, and that is didn't show any reverence or humility. Now, you have to understand that my church is pretty insanely large and we are building an even larger one. After listening to what she said, I told her that we a full, out church is in 5 full services and if we didn't expand we would not be able to grow. It was then she had realized that the church I attend was different than the church she attended.

Then I got to thinking; it is so funny, that we as humans think so squarely about things. We only see it from the mile we have walked. I am so guilty of this. I have been spoon fed some things I am not sure I agree with. At the core of my beliefs, and then I just agree with it, and do no research. Oh, that is scary. Then we make assumptions about they way the other person said something; instead of just asking if they meant it the way we took it. So, wrong! So, so, wrong! We just have to meet each other from where we are coming from.

In the end, the girl and I laughed, because when you can have a conversation with someone and you have dissenting opinions, and it is just a conversation to establish where your point of view is coming from. We just chalked it up to differing personalities! I love it! See the other perspective!

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