Friday, March 07, 2008


Wow, what a mess I am. It is so crazy what can happen in the span of a week.....month. I started this journey starting last week. I felt this call, this thing inside of me. A yearning to stand up and do something that is bigger than me. A feeling of needing more than I currently have, a longing to get to a new place. A higher and more intimate place. Whoa...God delivers. He usher us right up to the throne. He has thoroughly messed me up. He has begun a work, that isn't about a program of right and rituals, or even about others. It's all about Him, and what He's doing, and how awesome He is. It's about worshiping, and loving, adoring, moring, yearning, desiring nothing but Him. It's a call to the very thing that's not about us. Worship is the one thing that isn't about us, and out little ministry. It's about something....Someone, who is much better and much more awesome that than any of the trinkets we have collected along the way. It's not about this new thing, or this new spiritual trend, it's not about whether we have the right doctrine, or even the right clothes. It's about worship and prayer....soaking in Him, and telling Him our adoration we have for Him.

This is what my generation is looking for. This is the thing that brings Him to them. We won't transform to our parents way, but we will love Jesus, and will come into Him........

Just some thoughts from a messed up man


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