Saturday, August 02, 2008

Camp Again

Yes, another camp has passed, but this year was unlike any other one I have ever been apart of.  Yes, we were in the same place, and did a lot of the same things, but this year was most definitely different.  It was like God poured out His Spirit before we even got there.  I mean from the moment we drove down into the canyon, I could feel Him.  I could almost smell Him.  It was like there was a fog throughout the camp.  We started to unload the trucks and I just couldn't believe how much He loved us.  We went down the day before, because we had a ton (literally) of things to set up for the kids.  Set up was easy and quick.  It was just crazy for it to work out that way.  The next morning we all got up around seven, as we were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the kids.  I mean we were about the unfold the canvas we had been painting for months.  The excitement in the air only added to the already awesomeness that was God's Presence.  We set up a game for the kids, and all the sudden we could hear the throng of diesel engines as they rounded the edge of the canyon and headed down the hill.  We cheered knowing that  months of prayers, preparation, and planning all culminated to this moment.  Instantly there was a thought that said, it is time.  The buses stopped in front of the various cabins used to house the children for the week.  All of the sudden a chatter erupted out of the bus as the kids screamed, "WE'RE HERE!"  Just like clock were the shuffled off the buses, grabbed their bags, and ran to make sure they got first pick of beds.  Camp had officially started, and all the pons were in place, and of course the presence made it everything a kid could dream of.  After a little debriefing about rules, regulations, and expectations, the kids threw on their swim suits and jumped in the enormous pool.  
Later that evening, the kids filed into what is the "sanctuary" at this camp. It's really what we would call a gym, but with the most amazing lighting it became an awesome venue.  The worship started and the kids were on.  They belted out the tunes and danced like their lives depending on it.  They did not care what their neighbors thought, but only cared about their audience of one.  Day one proved to be one of the most amazing worship experiences.  
Day two, met with morning dew, and a gentle breeze.  It was beautiful, and the sun coming over the canyon wall made for the most dynamic moments.  It's just God's promise coming to wish us good day.  That night in the service, the song "How He Loves Us" ministered to our hearts, and was ironic since the message of Salvation was preached.  Throngs of kids were touched and walked forward ready for a change in their lives.  It was heavy, and The Presence of God was flowing like water.  They crowded the stage; the multitude was so great they even crowded onto the stage.  As they prayed in faith to receive all the Jesus did for them, there was not an adult with a dry eye.  
The next day was even more amazing, there were enormous tests and even greater battles.  Where there was battle, and where there were tests, there was victory.  It's very interesting, because this nights message was all about overcoming fear.  The story of David and Goliath, and others who had courage.  The veil on the memory verse for camp was lifted as those words of Deuteronomy 31:6 became part of each child's life.  Then came the faith part of the evening.  The children were asked to walk forward if they were dealing with a giant.  As the adults lined the front of the stage hundreds of kids marched to the front and dropped their giant off to a leader.  As you could imagine, the kids walked more uprightly as they had the weight of that fear off their shoulders.  
The final day seem to roll by like a movie reel  showing the feature film.  It was again met with a few battles and the kids walked out their fears with even greater tenacity.  That night as everyone piled into the "sanctuary," there was a since that something amazing was about to happen.  You could almost see everyone leaning forward in their seats as the anticipation set in.  The worship was phenomenal, and you could almost smell the incense of praise as it rose to The King.  Even more of His presence blasted each person gathered in the room.  "Heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss..." melted our hearts, and absolutely changed who we were.  Then the preaching began.  Tonight God would introduce His "Helper."  Holy Spirit was there, and He was ready to baptize these children and adults in His empowering Presence.  The children raced to the front to receive the "Helper," and to immerse themselves in all that God had for them.  As they receive their gifts, they practiced while filing back to their chairs.  Then more worship.  It was so intense as Abba shown His love down on us.  "Oh how He loves us... We are His portion and He is our prize."  
The next morning the curtains closed, and the buses and the entire caravan drove up the hill of the canyon, looking back to bid the place were God met them goodbye; laughing knowing that now they will meet with Him daily.  



Anonymous said...

It was exactly like that! I felt the amazing peace over the entire camp as well. Seeing the kids set free from their "giants" and walking in who they were created to be: joyful kids with a love for God and not a care in the world! Living in the moment with no fear or reservations - shouldn't we all.
I love you Broc!

Anonymous said...

As I read the article, I was crying through the whole thing. It was easy to tell that the article came from your heart which is filled with the Lord. Reading the article was almost likge being there. Oh yes Holy Spirit was moving, and I pray for each present to rise up to a great and higher place. I love you

Alicia said...

camp really was something special this time around. i know i am changed and i praise God for all the lives He saturated while we were there, and i am so thankful to know they will just keep growing!! God is good and thanks for sharing your thoughts about it all.