Saturday, November 22, 2008


It's all over the place.  We are seeing change like no other in this country.  I mean the stocks are lower than they have been in years and confidence in the country is probably at an all time low.  I mean whenever you turn on the TV all you hear is how awful everything is.  I resent that.  It's like the media has set up this perfectly set stage for President Obama to fail.  It's a shame.   I didn't vote for him.  I just didn't believe in a lot of the things he said.  His policy on abortion cannot be stomached in me.  

BUT, and that's a huge BUT, he is my president so I will listen to him.  I will honor him, and more importantly I will pray for him.  In the Bible God used a donkey to do His work.  It is my belief that is He can use him, then He can use Barack Obama to to the His work.  NOW, I am not calling President Obama a donkey, even if that is his party's mascot; I am simply saying that he is better than a Donkey, so obviously God can us him.  

be blessed


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