Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have to admit, part of my heart was left in Mexico.  I just couldn't help but fall in love with a people so hungry for what God was doing.  They weren't just hungry for God, but many of them where hungry in their stomachs for something, anything.  They live on, tortillas, beans, and rice.... they scrape the bottom of the barrel for one last morsel.  It's safe, unless you drink the water.  There are no thugs ripping purses off of old ladies.  There are no gangs of men holding up missionaries.  It's safe, and those people need us.  They need our help.  The world has forgotten them, and left them to die.  They suffer from a lack of hope.  We can provide it.  Think about all the waste we produce, and the consumerism that has taken a hold of us, think about knowing where your next meal is coming from, and then think about how a few moments of help can change the plan of a community.  Help Amarillo, Help Juarez.... JUST HELP!


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