Tuesday, March 17, 2009

alphabet soup.....

Words.  They're what I am lacking today.  I have no idea where they are or why they went away.  All I know is they have abandoned me in my time of need.  What a persnickety predicament to have to procure a problem in.  It’s an unpleasantly terrible thing to lose words.  I checked under my bed, and all I found was crusty old bagel, poppy seed to be exact.  I looked in the coat closet but all I found were some dreadfully smelly mothballs.  I opened the fridge in hopes that last night’s lack luster leftovers would hold a clue to the departed vocabulary.  Much to my surprise the less than salvageable lentil soup was chocked completely to the brim of all the letters I use.  Then I realized after vociferous cheers that I had accidentally added alphabet soup to my lentil lexicon.     

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