Thursday, April 05, 2007


So, this has been an intersting couple of weeks. I found out one of my friend's grandpaw died; I hate alzhiemer's! Then I found out another friend's dad died; I hate cancer! It is so sad, I can see that two of my friends are trully suffering...I hate death, but I love death. That is some double talk! I hate death because you don't get to see the person anymore. If they are Christian then you know you will someday, but that doesn't take the pain of right now away. That thought only gives you hope....hope is a powerful thing. Doesn't mean you won't grieve, and it doesn't mean life will get easier, but with hope there is a sustaining that comes. It is just like when you beleive in Christ, you are putting ALL of your hope and faith in ONE basket. You are believing in someone you have never met, and trusting that He is who is autobiography says He is. That takes hope, and faith.

Then, I found out today, that my friends Amy & Jason Archuleta....went ahead and decided that they need to get pregnant....well really Amy is pregnant....but the two shall become one. Anyways, it is a little wierd that Amy and Jason will be answering to the names, mom and dad. I am gonna have to get use to that. Have a great Easter...

Be blessed


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