Friday, January 30, 2009

I am not angry

I am not angry
I am not mad
I am not crazy
I am not hypnotized
I am not glad
I am not you
I am not upset
I am not ticked
I am not wondering
I am not sick
I am not racist
I am not lazy
I am not winning
I am not losing
I am not stagnant
I am not without
I am not full
I am not empty
I am not scared
I am not upset
I am not waiting
I am not impatient
I am not divisive
I am not crude
I am not pure
I am not shell-shocked
I am not persuaded by great speeches
I am 
I am ambitious
I am full of hope
I am disappointed
I am thinking 
I am taking life one day at a time
I am 
I am one who voted
I am one small voice
I am disapproving 
I am anti abortion
I am shocked by the speed
I am having a hard time accepting the shift
I am holding out hope
I am convinced through elegant words
I am wanting more than a facade
I am thinking
I am prepared
I am trying to get perspective
I am willing to listen
I am happy to oblige
I am greatly appreciative
I am looking for the positives
I am sure there are reasons
I am laughing at irony
I am hoping people will think
I am thinking, surely other see
I am positive it's not an accident
I am loving them
I am sure love wins

I am me and I am expressing what I see.

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~Yop~ said...

broc...i love it...we need to set up that collaborative blog we discussed. shout at me bud... e. daniel