Friday, May 11, 2007

From where I sit...

Is it just me or is are the political campaigns starting really early? I am already sick of Hillary, Barak, Mitt, Rudy, McCain, Mitt, Bill, and Edwards. It is so annoying to me that these people act like they hate each other, but then after the each other. I feel like I am living in WWII, and the politicians are the Japanese. Everywhere you turn, there is bashing of the current administration. Okay, that is fine not to agree with your opponent, but no one is saying what they would do. Yes, they say they will end the war, but they don't tell you how. They waste their time telling you how great they are, but they are missing the one key that will swing my vote; what do they bring to the table, what are they good at, who do they know. I guess partly they have not said much because they are starting so early. Then Nancy Pelosi goes over to Afghanistan to influence foreign policy? I didn't know that was in her job title? Probably because it isn't. Yes, Iraq is a mess, but how do we fix it? I watch the news and see how much trouble there is over there and I think....America has crimes too. Just today a mother and father were arrested for putting their child in a dumpster with their drugs. I am sure there was a murder or 30 today. So, part of me wonders if what we see on the TV is a reflection of this country or if it really is different. Troops are dyeing and that is a horrible tragedy but don't people get murdered here for shoes? Aren't their mass murders here? I just think we only get to see what people want us to see. I think stories and accounts of things are edited to meat someones agenda. CNN says one thing and Fox News says another. My question is..what is the complete truth? People say Fox makes up news. People say CNN and MSNBC are liberally biased. It has become so hard to tell. Then others say, bring the troops home, but they don't say how to keep Iraq from falling into the wrong hands. People say stay the course but they don't see how much money it is taking to fight this war. War causes problems, didn't we know that going in? Innocent people die, didn't we know that going in? The troop death toll is over 3,000 now; it is sad that 3.000+ families will have one less person for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Sunday dinner. Some say President Bush lied to get into this war, and he says the intelligence of many countries including America showed otherwise. I don't know a lot about all the going's on in Iraq at the time we invaded, but I do know that Saddam Hussein was a crazy, mentally deranged, dictator that lived the life of privilege while the people in his country lived in squallier. He ate what he wanted while other starved in the streets. I am beginning to HATE politics. We can blame it on global warming, the President, Republicans, Democrats, Red, Blue, Rosie O'Donnell, Rush Limbaugh....but the TRUTH is.....Politics are ruining America.

Vaya Con Dios

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