Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sunday's w/ Grammy

When I was younger, I used to spend that night at my Grammy's house. Me and my cousins would go Saturday evening, and stay up late with our grandmother and play Tetris until the wee hours of the morning. I loved it....can you believe that my grandmother was so awesome that she played Tetris with us. She actually went out and bought a Nintendo after she played one of the grandkid's systems. I loved it. She was one of the most stylish person I know. She always had the latest and greatest gadgets. I have no doubt that if she were alive today she would have an Ipod.
My cousins and I would sleep in the back middle room, and scare and dare each other to go to the formal living room. My grandmother's house was huge, and to us little kids it gave us a little bit of a scare. We never really went to the back den, that was my granddad's room. He was always watching some show, and he always fell asleep while the TV was, and it was so late there was nothing but snow on the screen. He was hard of hearing so there was nothing but loud noises coming out of that room. There was a picture out great-grandmother painted in the middle bedroom, it was of a clown. The clown always had such a weird smirk on his face, and of course we little ones were a little scared of him. I remember the bed we all slept on the headboard was blond, and that bed creaked and squeaked so bad every time we moved. Gran-gran (my grandad's "common" name) knew we were awake when he could hear the squeaking. I think they only reason they kept the bed was to keep us in check. My grandad always slept with a revolver on his nightstand. He taught us the respect of guns. He was never happier than when he would pull out his rare and common guns and give us the story of each. We just sat there on the couch handling the guns with big beady eyes fascinated by the stories of these jewels. We would sleep in until 7:00 am, that was sleeping in to us. Then around 8 Gran-Gran would bring in the magical box of the best doughnuts on earth. We loved the Doughnut Stop, and the three of us would down the dozen in 3.5 seconds. But there were some rare instances when Grammy would get us all dressed up and then load us all up in the Lincoln Continental and take us to the Mc Donald's drive though to get us all "The Big Country Breakfast" meals. We loved being at Grammy's, she never said no. Then after lunch, which was always a sandwich we would go out and swim in the pool. THAT was living to us, and we could not get enough of the chlorine induces coma that proceeded. Grammy would sit out by the pool in her signature patio dresses, and just watch us and laugh at our jokes, and warm us up when our teeth would chattering. She would tell us stories from her childhood. She was an amazing basketball player, and she would get us all tickled when she talked about how she met Gran-Gran. We would shout, "ooo, Gross Grammy." She would just smile and say, "Well that is love." When I was in 7th grade she was diagnosed with serosis of the liver, and she had to have a liver transplant. She died the following year, but I will never forget the times we spent at the Carter Manner. Grammy I love you! You taught me things I carry in my heart to this day.

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