Sunday, May 20, 2007

I am sick of lemonade

You know the saying...when life hands you lemons.... You know, the one that makes you want to grab someone by the shirt and threten their exsistance. I am pretty much sick of always making lemonade. I am facing a huge decision in my life. It's HUGE! I don't know what to do, and no one wants to listen. It is okay, I know I have God, and more importantly God has me. I just am on the verge of a major life decision. I am afraid I might be a little over my head if I choose one thing, and I am afraid that I might go crazy if I choose the other. That is a little bit of a debacle. I can't make up my mind. I know it sounds crazy, but I, for the first time don't have an opinion. If you know me, then you know how rare that is.

Please pray for me. I know God has plans for me, and they are to prosper and not fail.

Vaya Con Dios

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Thomas Hill said...

two things.

you don't write, you don't call.

and jacked my profile template.....grr...i am too lazy to make my own.