Thursday, May 24, 2007

The problem with Rosie...

Okay, so Rosie has been quite of a figure on her latest gig on "The View." I have never seen the show, nor do I think it sounds appealing. I have however seen clips in the media, and on youtube. I don't have a problem with the things she says, because she has a perfectly good right to say as she chooses; she, after all has the right to in the 1st Amendment in the constitution. I think she is a large figure in the media, and that wasn't a slam, I have no interest in doing that. She has taken a lot of heat over some of her comments. I think it is interesting she doesn't think with a large mouth saying provocative things that somehow she will not have to worry about having people that disagree with her speak their side. I do agree with her that many of her comments are skewed in media. She is edited in a way that makes it seem like she says something she does not. She blames this all on FoxNews, which obviously is a little ironic since many of the things she says about FoxNews is edited to look worse than it appears. She is loud, and she is opinionated, but I wouldn't put in some of the categories that her critics do. She uses "The View" as a pulpit for to talk about her views. The show is set up to be, I think, to showcase views of people from different places and dissenting points. OF COURSE you are going to have spats on the show, it is written in the annuls of the show. She was once hailed as the "Queen of Nice." I think her current job is trying to shatter that title, and she definitely has. She doesn't agree with President Bush, the war in Iraq, the way 9/11 was/is handled, and she doesn't EVER agree with Elisabeth Hassellbeck, (a co host on "the View") Elisabeth is the "conservative" pundant on the show, and truthfully she is the only one. She is one of those people in a society that always questions what is said everywhere. She doesn't just drink the Kool-Aid, which I respect. Recently, on May 17Th she made a comment that brought her even more of a backlash. She said, and I am going to try to quote it 100% ( i might be a conservative Christian, but I believe twisting what someones says to prove a point is not right or ethical) "655,000 Iraqi civilians have died, who are the terrorists?" (posed the question to EH) Then the media picked it up, and spun it. "They" claimed that Rosie said the United States Military are terrorists. I don't think that is what she was saying; instead I think she was calling the government and more exclusively the President a terrorist. Honestly, I have heard her say some things I agree with her about. Rosie has said, "I hate it when they call them a troop, it dehumanizes them; we should refer to them as soldiers." I agree; we should refer to them as humans. She has been very vocal about her disdain for the war, but I have never heard her say anything bad or negative about the subject of the troops. She, in my opinion, has said quite the contrary, "I love the American Soldiers, I want them to come home." So Wednesday there was quite a feud on the subject of the terrorist comment. Rosie, ask Elisabeth the question, "Do you, who are my friend think that I think the the troops are terrorists." Elisabeth, who usually doesn't argue, said, "It isn't my responsibility to tell people your innuendo." Elisabeth was trying to get Rosie to SAY she didn't think the soldiers were terrorist, and Rosie wanted to hear it from Elisabeth's mouth. It got very heated, and both of them were very angry. The truth is, both of them were very stubborn, and I think it is a little sad. I think their friendship is over. Rosie has made comments that offended me, like when she equated radical Muslims to radical Christians, which are really insane. Radical Christians SHOULD be instincted by love, and not motivated by hate. Christians SHOULD only hate one person/existence, satan. I understand why Rosie feels this way; I am sure she has come across alleged Christians who mock her and berate her. It is no secret she is a lesbian, and of course that puts her right smack dab in the opposition with Christians, and Christ's teachings. It is unfortunate she has come across our bad apples and I am sure that has done nothing by leave a bad taste in her mouth. I apologize, on behalf of Christians everywhere, what ought not be the way we live. Christ taught of LOVE, it is Christ's love that set each of us free. How can someone know God and be lead to God is we lead them to doubt His existence through our actions and speech. Now, what some in Rosie's circle do misinterpret are people like me, who disagree with homosexuality, BUT love people where they are in hopes and faith of seeing them move forward towards Christ. We just have to love each other, and even though Rosie doesn't really agree with anything I believe, doesn't mean she is out of the reach of God's arm. If that were true, then so are ALL of us. Peace with each other creates and environment for God's love to flow, and after all isn't that what we want? Deuces!

Vaya Con Dios

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