Friday, June 08, 2007

e-words of wisdom

A couple of days ago I sent the following message to a friend. While I pondered it and tried to dissect it, I got inspired. I wanted to share it with you, and things that I thought of after I hit the sent button. I can't tell you really where all this came from, but it started as a drip and slowly the floodgates opened, and I couldn't stop. The email started as an encouraging word, but later snowballed into this work of wise alliterations. I take NO credit for this, it seems to be inspired but God. If that isn't your cup of tea, I don't care. Sorry, if that is rude, but it's the truth.

I don't know God's plans for you, truthfully I haven't asked, but I know a couple of things, yellow sno-cones make me happy, and the flat lands of Amarillo are my home. Be blessed beyond measure, but don't forget to give thanks. God has a way of showing Himself in times of trials, but that doesn't mean He forgets us. Play in the dirt, don't eat mud pies. Ponder your life, and get the vision, then it's like sailing, going where the wind takes you. After all it is much easier to use the wind than to paddle the boat on your own. Keep fresh ideas tucked in your heart, and don't let the ways of the world discourage your potential. Wisdom comes, when idleness leaves. You are always attacked when you are on the edge of your promise land. It is the way it works, stay strong, and don't lose heart. Keep the faith, and fight the good fight. Stay humble, we never know all the variables, but we do know the One who does. Learn to fight in seasons of rest, but don't forget the sword is heavy when you don't know how to yield it to God. Look out your window and behold your future, but don't lose your grasp on the now. Cracked pots can always be glued, but a million pieces is a lot of work. Watch out for snakes, and feed the lambs. Help others, and help yourself. Indulge yourself in oxygen, just remember how intricate your body is. Hug often, laugh more. It is easier to lose your innocent, but impossible to lose His love. When you think your done, check one more time. Let excellence be your standard; perfectionism is impossible. Take long walks, enjoy your home. Don't get caught up in gossip, and be loyal to your friends. Talk about yourself less, and ask questions of other more. Never shed that skin of a child, but take responsibility for your own actions. Never loose heart, but keep your head on. Chase things with wild abandonment, but don't get off the path. Keep you head on straight, but don't be an adult at heart. Seasons change but love never does. Come home, but don't always know where you are. When in doubt, don't freight the changes that come. Beg for mercy, but don't regret mistakes. Learn from others, even donkey's. Keep your heart guarded but don't withhold love. Share your feeling, they are after all only what one man in one situation has to offer up. Keep friends, show your enemy's you care. If you lose, get back to the starting gate. And finally, once you do what you are called to, destiny will be yours, and that destiny will affect the world. Smile more frown less!

Vaya Con Dios

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