Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What a week!

This is the week of insanity! At work this week I have the biggest event I do all year. It is an animal, but it is FUN! Besides that I have had to work all weekend, and all this week. There is a firefighter convention in Amarillo, and since firefighter do so much for us, we get to attend their meetings. Last night we hosted a hospitality room for the FF's. I am pretty sure they drink beer like it is water, and they get a little crazy at times. They are the most fun group we are associated with. I am humbled by their courage and their absolute humility. Firefighters are a rare breed; they give so much to the community in the area of safety but then in between there other jobs they raise money for MDA. It is a great partnership. Everyone loves firefighters, and when they are responding to a call EVERYONE is glad they are there. Police, on the other hand, are not always as welcomed then they respond to their calls. I am fortunate to get to know them, and to see them on a regular basis. Local 542 is the union number for the Amarillo ff's, and they are the best FF's in the state of TEXAS. They raised $36,000 in this year's Fill The Boot drive, and they are among the modern days hero's in my book. They are a blessing to behold, and the most loyal people on the planet. The flop side, is they never forget anything. If you do wrong by them they will never forget, but once they are part of the family, they will never divorce the family, and they are like that uncle that you can always depend on.
Wish me luck this week, the families we serve are depending on us, and I NEVER want to disappoint them!

Vaya Con Dios

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