Thursday, June 21, 2007

I have big feet...

Well, really, I don't have that big of feet. I only wear a size eleven and for a 6'4" person those are pretty small feet. But today I thought I would put my feet in my mouth today, and I realized that it is hard to put a size eleven in my mouth. I don't know why; I have a massively large mouth, and it gets me into trouble so many times it isn't funny. Well, really it is never funny. When you hurt others who are friends; it's never cool. I am such a horrible representative of a Christian, and I apologize. It isn't God when you aren't loving, and sarcasm is always wrong. ALWAYS, and that is how I joke all the time. Dang it, I hate this feeling. I hate it when you know that you hurt someone, regardless of my intentions, it still hurt and defamed someone. Why would I do that, what possesses someone to do that. I don't know, and I am the last person you should ask. I have a long way to go.......I mean a L-O-N-G way to go. i am not sure what this whole things is, but I do not it isn't love, and that is what's wrong. When you act, say, live in love then you have nothing to worry about. Otherwise, you never know if it isn't fueled by love. What a Schmuck!

Vaya Con Dios

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