Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What's in a name...

So, I am still writing my book, man is it exhilarating. I love it, but I needed a little break. I looked up what my name meant; and hopefully there isn't much to a name. My name means "BADGER". Now, that is no fun. I can't imagine that has anything to do with my character. Well, you know me so, maybe it does! It is a little depressing when people say things like: "my name means glory to God...or my name means peace beyond measure." I am sure you can imagine the horrid look on their face when I say, "My name means badger." (followed by gestures that are suppose to mimic what I believe badgers do, it doesn't at all if you were wondering) Oh it is funny to me! Thank God I am valued by Him based on Jesus and not my name!

Vaya Con Dios

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